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Are You Looking for The Very Best in Efficient Large Area Storage?

Mar 12,2020

Pallet racking will give you maximum, adjustable storage tailored to suit your area. With 100% accessibility of your goods, you are able to get good stock rotation, fast picking rates and high floor area utilization increasing work efficiency and productivity.

Pallet Rack Storage really is the smarter storage solution. Pallet Racking arranges your goods within a safe, strong and reliable structure in the most space efficient way possible. We dedicated to giving you the best and most affordable storage solution for your area. Designed to withstand massive weight loading across larger areas, ISS Pro Rack can supply and install all your commercial and industrial warehouse storage needs.

For cheap storage systems, adjustable pallet racking is the most popular form of storage and with up to 11 meters in height, there is endless storage allowing for more floor working space.

Double-Deep adjustable pallet racking is better for moderate stock quantities with an average stock turnover. Selectivity and accessibility of good is less, as expected; this is a great combination of floor and vertical space usage.

Get the most out of your warehouse space with very narrow aisle adjustable pallet racking. Get immediate access to all your stock with our Mitsubishi Storage Handing Devices operating within a wire induction guidance system or guide rails. This option gives you ultimate, instant access to all your racks.

Drive In Drive Though pallet racking offers maximum storage within smaller spaces. We drive directly into the storage system allowing for highest floor area utilisation. We recommends this solution for businesses with large quantities of stock with the same Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) as there is limited stock rotation and accessibility.

Make the most of the space you are working with a consider pallet rack storage solutions. Although the height and accessibility of the pallet rack structure may appear light weight and unstable, we ensures all design structures adhere with Australian Standards, and are completely safe for the workplace, workers and your products. A Safety Audit, ongoing maintenance and repair, as well as a lifetime product warranty reflects our product confidence.

You can be sure of receiving the highest, responsive and personalized service in designing and installation of your storage solution. We make your needs priority, with an aim to make your business successful by organizing your storage and operation and assessing the needs of your company beyond space and equipment.

If you are still unsure which storage solution suits you best consider the size and quantity of your pallets/products as well as the size of your space and business growth estimates. Our Racks are here to create smart storage solutions, ready to expand when you do.



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