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How to Choose a Right Racking System for Your Warehouse?

You have already gone through a series of pallet racks and storage systems for your business space or home but are unsure of the one that is the best. Identification of the perfect plastic pallets or rack system requires some prior planning and awareness of the factors that render them useful. So, get ready to explore the many types of pallet racking available in the aisles of home improvement stores'from push back rack to drive-in and drive-through to gravity flow rack system and more. Enjoying the best and most efficient storage facility can prove to be an arduous task, here's how to make it easy.

 Business Storage Requirements best met by Plastic Pallets

 Before requesting pallet delivery or going ahead with the payment of the same, you need to ask yourself the following questions. They will help you take the correct purchase decision and make your available storage space all the more viable. These are:

 ' What are the types of products that require storage?
 ' What is the volume/quantum of inventory that you need to maintain and store on a regular basis?
 ' What will be the nature of inventory rotation?
 ' What will be the frequency of loading/unloading?
 ' What are the loading/unloading equipments currently in use?

 ' Are you planning to include more pallet trucks or forklifts in the near future?

 Getting proper answers to this questionnaire will provide a deeper insight into the business requirements and will aid your quest for the perfect pallet racking system. You may add more questions to list 'in accordance to your specific business needs.

 Types of Pallet Racking

 There are many types of systems available in the market today. You have to zero down on the one that matches your immediate requirements. For instance, if your business needs point towards storage of perishable items and easy access to every pallet on the system is a must, then you should invest in single-deep pallet systems. If the shelf life is not a criterion and you need the racks for storing your machine parts, then look for higher-density storage solutions'such as a gravity flow rack.

 Having a clear knowledge of your business operations will help you decide whether a first-in, first-out (FIFO) or last-in, first out (LIFO) pallet racking system will be more lucrative for storing your inventory. You also need to have a fair idea of the overall density requirements as well as the kind of material handling equipments being used to load/unload your products safely.



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