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Angle Steel Shelving

  • Angle Steel Shelving
  • Angle Steel Shelving
  • Angle Steel Shelving
Angle Steel ShelvingAngle Steel ShelvingAngle Steel Shelving

Angle Steel Shelving

  • Type: Light Duty Shelving
  • Material: Cold Roll Steel
  • Finish: Powder Coating
  • Loading: 70-200kg/layer
  • Product description: Angle Steel Shelving

Angle Steel Shelving

Product description:

The design of the angle and the hole spacing means that no matter what sections are being used, they can be joined together. The position and size of the slots allows for the maximum possible number of bolt connections. Whether the requirement is in a warehouse, on a construction site or in a factory, Spaceplus Slotted Angle can provide the quick and easy solution that you can assemble yourself.


Height 1800, 2100mm & 2400mm or custom
Shelving size

900x300 mm, 900x450 mm, 900x600 mm ,1200x300 mm,

1200x450 mm & 1200x600 mm or custom

Loading capacity 70kg-200kg/layer
Finish powder coating

Slotted angle rack components:


Corner Plates

1.5 cold rolled steel

measures 70*70mm Packed by carton box.

Nuts and Bolts:

Zinc-plated 3/8'' - 16 x 3/4''

Hex Head bolts and nuts

Plstic Baseplate

Connection & Assembly: